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Savvy Minerals Cosmetic Class SUPPLIES List

PrintWe know how excited many of you are about Young Living’s new Savvy Minerals cosmetic line!! We hope you are planning a Savvy Minerals Cosmetic Class! It is sure to be a big hit! However, you will need a few supplies to make it really pop! Below is a list of everything you will need to make the class a fresh, organized, happening event!!

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Oil Sharing: Tips and Supplies


What’s the best way to introduce others to the wonderful wellness that comes from Young Living products? Why, sharing, of course. Who doesn’t love a cute and tiny sample? There is just something about those little mini bottles of goodies that can light up the eyes of those receiving them. Seriously, if samples were not a good idea, then we would not see so many businesses offering them. How else are you going to know if you prefer something if you cannot sample it first?! Continue reading

Kickin’ the Chemicals: DIY Workshop Event

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Welcome back! The Oil Posse team has put together a wonderful set of materials that will offer you a professional and fun looking “Kickin’ the Chemicals” DIY workshop/party/class.

*please remember even water is a chemical (H2O) . . . we have changed our class and called it, “Home Cleansing: Greener, Cleaner, Safer.” When we say “kickin’ the chemicals” we are talking about kickin’ HARSH-chemicals.  Continue reading