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Flyer: Savvy Minerals, Pink


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Finally, a flyer to match the Savvy Minerals Banner featured at >> this link <<! Here is our Savvy Minerals Flyer design with the same pink theme as the banner. We hope you find this flyer useful. You can print out a label with the time, day, date of your cosmetics class and stick it to the back of the flyer to use as an invitation. This flyer is designed to the specifications required for an 8.5 x 11″ flyer printed via Vista Print but they will print just fine if you wish to print at home or have printed elsewhere.

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YL Savvy Minerals Swatch Card

PreviewYLSavvyMineralsSwatchCardYoung Living will soon have Savvy Minerals Swatch Cards available to order in packs of 25 for U.S. Members. The item number is #21840. Not sure when they will be available to order but keep an eye out for them. In the meantime, they have a PDF of the card available under Member Resources in your virtual office that you can print or you can scroll down and download it from here (and, yes, they now have the cool and warm foundation shades labeled correctly).

Click/Touch HERE to download YL’s developed Savvy Minerals Swatch Card

Savvy Minerals Labels: All In One


PREVIEW ONLY – this image will not align properly — it was reduced in size and quality as a preview. Download the PDF below for the proper size and quality.

We have a one full page of labels for each of the Savvy Minerals product and/or shades — all on one label sheet — one label for each. This set is by request and were requested to give as a “gift” with samples to new perspective and/or current members.

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Labels: SM Sample Shades


The above is a PREVIEW ONLY and has been reduced in size and quality. This is NOT what you want for printing. Download the PDF below for printing.

We have a full page of labels for each of the Savvy Minerals products (including one for each shade). These are perfect for placing on the bottom of your Savvy Minerals sample so that your potential member/current member knows the shade and item number for that particular sample.

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Interactive, Reusable Skin Tone Cosmetic Sheets

5FaceChartPREVIEWWe’ve put together TEN different skin tones and ONE blank cosmetic face sheet! Perfect for trying various Savvy Mineral shades before putting on your own face (helps reduce the times your guests have to wash off makeup to retry a different shade). Simply print then laminate the sheets and presto, interactive, reusable skin tone cosmetic face sheets! How cool is that?! Continue reading

Banner: Savvy Minerals, v3


We have been FLOODED with requests to provide a Savvy Minerals banner that does not feature any models AND is similar to the one designed by Melinda and Steven Bruce. We hope we have met your requests. Please be sure to give Melinda and Steven a HUGE thank you for this banner design idea. We recreated it and only slightly modified the design. So, the credit for the layout totally goes to them. Thank you!

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