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Kickin’ the Chemicals: DIY Workshop Event

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Welcome back! The Oil Posse team has put together a wonderful set of materials that will offer you a professional and fun looking “Kickin’ the Chemicals” DIY workshop/party/class.

*please remember even water is a chemical (H2O) . . . we have changed our class and called it, “Home Cleansing: Greener, Cleaner, Safer.” When we say “kickin’ the chemicals” we are talking about kickin’ HARSH-chemicals.  Continue reading

EO Tools, Cases, Ingredients, and more

As you begin to make your journey into the “oily” world you will soon discover you need some accessories/tools for various reasons (i.e. carrying your oils).

Great news! I have gathered some of my favorite “oily” resources together on one page to make it easy to find some of the things you may want to obtain.

Check it out by clicking/touching >> HERE <<