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Think Inside The Box 2018

ThinkInsideTheBox-2018-p1v2-PREVIEWONLYDONOTPRINTHere is a great tool to share with your new members! This document was developed by Lauren Bretz and updated by The Oil Posse team for 2018. Huge appreciation sent out to Lauren for her time and generosity!! The PDF file for this document is located beneath the preview of the two pages below! If you see Lauren online be sure to give her a shout out for this great tool!! Continue reading

My Oily Notes: 2018 PSK, U.S. Version

2018MyOilyNotes1_PSK_USEdition_TOPTMy Oily Notes, updated for the 2018 Premium Starter Collection of oils found in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kits for U.S. members. We’ve had numerous request for this and hope you find it useful for your classes and/or event. Enjoy. Continue reading

NEW PAGE: 2018 PSK Kit Cards

PSKKitCards-PG4-PREVIEWONLYDONOTPRINTWe’ve added a new page — of SIX cards — for the 2018 PSK Kit Card Set!! This one features the Thieves, Slique, Seedlings, Savvy Minerals, Nutritional Supplements, and Animal Scents line of products. You can download the new page here or from the 2018 PSK Kit Card post.It will be the same page regardless of where you download it.  There are 4 pages total (24 cards now), if you do not have the other 3 pages (18 other cards) be sure to click/touch here to go to our 2018 PSK Kit Card post. Enjoy!

Continue reading

2018 PSK Kit Cards: Class on the Go


NEW 2018 PSK Kit Card Set

UPDATED for 2018, added Citrus Fresh and Raven in place of Purification and R.C.

These kit cards are perfect for classes, workshops, meetings, etc. Standing in line somewhere? Such an awesome opportunity to share this information! Sitting on a bus? Again, a wonderful opportunity to share! This set will easily slip into a pure, briefcase, diaper bag, etc. Make a few sets and keep them with you. Also, be sure to put a couple of sets in your glove compartment! Never find yourself without a set. Continue reading


THANK-YOU-FOR-YOUR-PATIENCEWe are spending so much time answering the same question that we need to make a post. YES, we are working to UPDATE ALL PSK MATERIAL. There is no need to comment and ask for each type of PSK marketing material. We know all of them and will get them all updated. Please remember we are volunteering our time and have to work around our paying careers and families. We appreciate your support and patience.

We are going to stop responding to those specific questions so we can spend time updating the material. We hope you all understand.

You are all so amazing and we love you all!

Have an amazing weekend!

The Oil Posse Team