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Canine Friends Event Cards: U.S. PSK Focused

ThievesV_EventCards_PSK_CanineFinally, right?! Can you even stand it? These adorable, yet professional, event cards focus on your furry canine friends! We know we are going to get a ton of questions so let us answer them now — yes, we will have other animal focused cards but we do not know when, yes, we will make this a complete package with signs, labels, banner, and more but for now you can use some from one of our other ultimate event graphics sets. We just wanted to get the cards out there for now! We hope you enjoy the card set.

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Presentation: Essential Oil Basics, EO 101


2018 Version 2 — Updated the update. The Oil Posse team brings to you a complimentary Essential Oils Basics, EO 101, Support, Wellness, and You class presentation. This presentation comes complete with the PowerPoint file, PDF script file, PDF of the presentation (for times when you do not have access to electricity and want to use a flipboard), and Individual JPG images of each slide so you can host this as a Facebook class. This is a complete EO 101 class package and has been updated with Citrus Fresh and Raven. It is current as of 17 Feb 2018. Enjoy Continue reading

PowerPoint: 2018 PSK, EO 101


This page has been moved. See link below

The revision is complete — get the correct version at this link: https://theoilposse.com/2018/02/17/presentation-essential-oil-basics-eo-101/

PowerPoint: PSK, EO 101


This is a PowerPoint presentation to use for essential oil basics classes/workshops/seminars/meetings/gatherings. The focus is on the oils in Young Living’s Premium Starter Kit (with vitality oils). It also includes the newly upgraded and totally awesome essential rewards program that goes/went into effect 1 Sept 2016. Continue reading

Flyer: “Why Join Young Living”


This flyer has been UPDATED to include the Vitality Oils and remove the bamboo diffuser and added the home diffuser. You can find the UPDATED flyer HERE.


Our “Why Join Young Living” flyer has been updated to remove the home diffuser option and then added the rainstone diffuser option. Continue reading

In with the New: Four for Free & More


With the new premium starter collections and new prices, the former “three for free” program no longer applies. So, “out with the old and in with the new!” Continue reading