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Love It, Share It: Galbanum, OAS

This particular Love It, Share It card will remain on this post only until, Young Living can once again provide it. Please be sure to read the FAQs for this particular oil below. The recipe is wonderful for gift giving and make n’ take classes! Enjoy


Click/touch here to download the full-page PDF for the Galbanum — Love it, Share it card

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Oils of Ancient Scripture: Ultimate Event Package


*Note: The Oil Posse gives permission for the public to download and have these printed. Copyright is so no one takes the graphics and sells them as their own. Using for your own personal use to promote YL products is completely fine.*

Some of you may have noticed we’ve been a little quiet the past few days . . . that’s because we have been working on designing a complete ultimate event package, which focuses on Young Living’s “Oils of Ancient Scripture” essential oil collection, we hope most of you will love and enjoy!

This package is Christian based and will not be for everyone. We understand this and offer tons of other marketing material that is generic in nature.

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Oils of Ancient Scripture: Love It, Share It


Find Other Love It, Share It Cards:

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We’ve made it super easy for you to DIY your own “Love It, Share It” Young Living essential oil cards.

These cards are Christian based and will not be for everyone. We understand this and offer tons of other marketing material that is generic in nature. Continue reading

Oils of the Bible Invitation: Online Invite

Here is a wonderful online “Oils of the Bible” class invitation graphic. You will need to fill in your own information in the space provided. The sample we filled in the information with white colored font in Oriya MN (bold) and an 18 pt size. Oriya MN is similar to Times New Roman, which would work just fine.





Digital Invitation

Click/Touch the graphic below to download to your device



So that others have the opportunity to use this graphic in high-resolution format, please provide the link back to this page and allow the person to download the image in its original form.





My Oily Notes: Oils of the Bible

Here is a wonderful resource you can use during your “Oils of the Bible” class. All twelve oils on one page.

Download the PDF file found beneath the preview photo below.

Please do not alter this in any way. No one has permission to sell this document/photo or profit from it in any way.

You may share this resource but please share it as a link back to this page, only. Please do not take the photo and post it without the corresponding link. Please respect the work we provide to you at no charge. Thanks so very much.



Click/Touch here to download the PDF file for this resource.

Brochure: Twelve Oils of Ancient Scripture

**This brochure has been updated and you can find the newly revised version here:



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