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Spring Aroma Cards


Share your favorite Spring oils in style. Here are ten Spring themed aroma cards you can print at home or have printed.

Hand them out during meetings, events, classes, or anywhere you want to share the oils. After scenting the card place them in a snack baggie or some other type of container to “hold the scent in.”

If you have them printed, please ensure the printer is using a “true” matte card stock paper. Some printers state matte but the cards will still have a thin gloss coating that will not allow the oils to soak into the card, which defeats the purpose. Continue reading

YL Name Badge


Many members have requested a YL name badge for certain and/or all events. We are thrilled to offer you several designs to select from. You will need to have some computer skills to use the below designs. Continue reading

PSK Large Event Banner



We are so excited to provide you with this high-quality 2.5′ x 6′ PSK (premium starter kit) themed banner. **DO NOT right click (or touch and hold) to save the graphic above, it is scaled down for preview only. Click/Touch the graphic to open up the LARGE banner file THEN save that file. The correct file/image will NOT have “preview” in the name.** Continue reading

Banner: Thieves Product Line Themed


We are so excited to provide you with this high-quality 2.5′ x 6′ Thieves themed banner. We recently updated this banner to reflect the newest look for Young Living’s Thieves product line. Continue reading

Vendor Event Banner: YL Feel Amazing

Below is a 6 foot x 2 foot banner design you are welcome to have printed and use for your next vendor event, class, and/or meeting! Share wellness, purpose, and abundance in style!


*Please do not download and use the “preview” graphic above, it will NOT be the correct size for your banner. It was shrunk to fit on this page for you to preview.

Continue reading

Event Poster: 10 Reasons 22×28

Here is a 22″ x 28″ poster to display at your next event! It looks fabulous in a poster stand, which can stand at the end of your display table or at the front of a room during a meeting or class.



Please do not alter the poster in any form. The preview graphic above is NOT the correct size so if you download it, it will not print properly, please use the links below to download the high-definition poster in the correct size.

Click here to reach the image in a PNG format, you will then need to click >> save as, to save to your desktop/laptop computer. This is a LARGE file size so it is best to save to a desktop/laptop computer or to your dropbox account.

Click/touch here to download as  PDF file, again, this is a LARGE file size so you will want to save to a desktop/laptop computer.

Want this in an 8.5 x 11 flyer size?

We did a test print and the PDF will print as a regular 8.5 x 11 sized flyer. However, it is a color heavy so you may want to let Staples or Office Depot print your flyers.

If you are using this as a flyer, simply place your contact information as a label on the back of the flyer.

Need to have this printed?

Looking for a place to have this printed? We have NOT printed with “UPrinting” but they do have an option for printing a 22×28 sized poster (if you have a better outlet, please let us know and we will replace this with another option, be sure you have printed this size with the outlet you are recommending and send us a picture of the item).

*Note: We are not affiliated with, nor do we receive any compensation for recommending UPrinting. We are not responsible for any work you choose to have done with them.

Click here to print with UPrinting.com

Need a 22 x 28 poster sign holder?


Click/touch here to order one directly from Amazon