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Mini Vitality Business Recipe Cards

These are super, cool and an inexpensive way to pass out a LOT of business cards! Place your information on the front of the card and then the back of the card is the recipe. Perfect!

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Essential Oil Measurement Chart


Have you ever wondered how many drops of oil was in a 5, 10, or 15 ml bottle of essential oil? Now you do not have to guess, this graphic makes it easy to know the approximate number of drops that are in each of the typical essential oil bottle sizes. Continue reading

YL Name Badge


Many members have requested a YL name badge for certain and/or all events. We are thrilled to offer you several designs to select from. You will need to have some computer skills to use the below designs. Continue reading

Oil Bottle Labels: The Blends


We have for you oil bottle labels for Young Living’s essential oil blends. Each label is hand designed and put together on one sheet. We included a few extras for some of the more popular oil blends (citrus fresh, peace & calming, purification, r.c., stress away, and thieves). Continue reading

Oil Bottle Labels: The Singles


We have for you oil bottle labels for Young Living’s single essential oils. Yes, no worries, we will be releasing a set for the blends very soon! Each label is hand designed and put together on one sheet. We included a few extras for some of the more popular single oils (cedarwood, copaiba, frankincense, grapefruit, lavender, lemon, lemongrass, lime, orange, peppermint, and tea tree). Continue reading

Mini Holiday Scented Cards

Below are SIXTEEN different holiday designs to select from to create your own mini scented sample cards.

These are designed to fit the MOO mini business cards. The MOO cards come in sets of 100, if you select FIVE designs then you can get 20 of each of the 5 designs but you can develop your package however you desire. Just have fun and enjoy! Continue reading

Essential Rewards: Ramped Up!

Are you ready for the exciting changes that are coming to Young Living’s Essential Rewards program?

As if the program was not already amazing, Young Living has ramped it up several notches! Seriously, if you are not on Essential Rewards you are missing out on SO much!!!

The changes begin September 1, 2016. Prepare your current team members and your future team members with this updated flyer!

**NOTE: This flyer is meant to work as an attention grabber — it is not meant to provide all of the details and answer all of the questions for the program. It is meant to stir interest — you should have an FAQ sheet/website available and/or speak with the person via phone or in person to guide him/her through the program and answer all of his/her questions. We will have an updated FAQ sheet coming very soon. Keep an eye on the blog!**

Below is a link to download the PDF version of this flyer.

If you share this with another/others, please provide a link back to this page.

Yes, you can edit to type in your contact information in the space provided near the bottom. If you do not know how to or are unable to add your contact information before printing, you can write in or apply a label to the flyer, after printing.

Besides adding your contact information, please do not edit this flyer in any manner.

Sorry, I am not willing to make any changes to the flyer or customize with your contact information.

This flyer is not for commercial use (meaning it is not approved for anyone to take this flyer and offer it for sale, in any manner).

The flyer was designed using professional software and saved as a high-quality pdf file. To get the most of the vibrant colors it is recommended that you have this printed through a professional printing service. However, it can be printed using an at-home color printer.

The link to download the file is found beneath the flyer’s picture below.

With all the necessary formalities out of the way — Enjoy!



Click/Touch here to download the PDF high-quality ER program flyer


Need a pack of good quality flyer paper? Click/Touch here to purchase directly from Amazon.