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Finally! Right?! We typically put this out in July but some unforeseen family, medical emergencies put us behind. We are thrilled to finally be able to release this to all of you who have expressed how much they love our planner pages! and to all those who will discover our pages in the future! We love our fans and visitors! and hope you enjoy the new pages. Below is a preview of the new pages, follow the link to our full-page planner web home to download the PDF for each of them.

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Planner: Ready to Order

We’ve had even more request from those that consider theirselves “extremely” technologically challenged. They wanted us to provide them with a way to simply “order” the planner without having to upload or figure out size, etc.

Great news! We’ve made this available! Please note, we want to be sure everyone understands that we simply found an outlet that allowed us to upload the file, select the settings, and then publish so that all of you could simply order. We do NOT profit from this, we are not associated with the printers and/or company. We have, however, had previous booklets printed with them and feel they did an excellent job in a timely manner. With that said, we are not responsible for anything ordered through Peecho. Order at your own risk.

We’ve made the order link available on the YL Planner post.


Printable: Month on Two Pages

We’ve heard rumors that finding a printable that is designed with one month spread over two pages is difficult to find . . . well, now your search is over!

Monthly spread over two pages, simply write (or type) in the name of the month, write in the numbers for the day of the month and you are all set . . . larger squares to fill in more appointments, meetings, classes, etc.

Follow the link beneath the previews to download the pages, look for the new planner pages at the end of the next post:


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Junior Pages: Duplexed/Double-Sided

*Update: We do not have plans to update the specific 2016 pages to 2017 at this time.

Junior Planner Pages

So, here they are, duplexed and ready to print! Enjoy.


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New Junior Page: Daily Checklist aka ToDo List

This is for our fans who LOVE developing “ToDo” lists each day. We call this our “Daily Checklist: intentional planner.” It will help you prioritize your day, declutter and/or organize, and hopefully put things into perspective. Continue reading

Junior: Vertical Weekly v2

We’ve received an enormous amount of requests for THIS version of the vertical weekly planner page. This has been set up so you can print front and back. We like this one so much, many of us are using this version for our own planners! Enjoy


Click/Touch here to go to the Junior planner post, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the newest junior pages