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Junior Pages: Duplexed/Double-Sided

*Update: We do not have plans to update the specific 2016 pages to 2017 at this time.

Junior Planner Pages

So, here they are, duplexed and ready to print! Enjoy.


TeamTracker2_Junior_Duplexed Continue reading

New Junior Page: Prayer/Bible Planner

New junior size planner page, Inspirational Bible Study and Prayer Planner


Click/Touch here to go to the main post to download this page. This page is also available for download for duplex (double-sided) printing.

New Junior Page: Daily Checklist aka ToDo List

This is for our fans who LOVE developing “ToDo” lists each day. We call this our “Daily Checklist: intentional planner.” It will help you prioritize your day, declutter and/or organize, and hopefully put things into perspective. Continue reading

New: Junior Care Club Page

We’ve added a new Junior (half-size) planner page. This one is for those who participate in Care Club or Bloom.


Click/Touch here to go to the “Half-Size” planner post, scroll to the bottom of the page to find the newest half-size pages

Notice: YL Blends

We just added a new planner page for Young Living’s essential oil blends. This is like the singles page, a wish/check list, if you will. We also included the roller blends on this page. The supplements will be available soon.


Click/Touch here to go to the 2016 YL focused planner page