About Compliance

Who is Amy Moore?

I am a Young Living member, just like many of you! I love Young Living as a company and for all of their pure, quality-controlled products.

I am a person, however, of extensive education. Successfully securing a Bachelor’s degree in Homeland Security with a minor in Psychology. I also furthered my education with two Master’s degrees; one in Safety, Security, and Emergency Management, and the other in Criminal Justice with an emphasis on the Analysis of Criminal Behavior, as well as a certificate in Emergency Management. I’ve also had training in the field of Paralegal.


For those who may not be familiar with some of those specific degree programs, all of them (excluding psychology) educate extensively in the area of interpreting federal regulations. However, this does not make me an expert in the area of marketing compliance. It does provide a solid footing for interpreting the loosely stated terms and regulation specifics in this area.

Since, September 2014, I have conducted countless hours of research strictly in the area of marketing regulations. I’ve been told I have a gift of being able to make a complex area a bit more clear and it is my hope that I can do that for you with some of my current and upcoming posts.

We all take a risk when we market any product. You should always seek legal counsel for any specific questions and/or concerns you may have in running your own independent business.

Remember to please carefully read the disclaimers posted on this website.

5 thoughts on “About Compliance

  1. Toni Lenning

    I work in the judicial system and reading this for the first time my reaction was “we YL members are so blessed by you and this site”.

  2. Maureen

    Thank you. Just quickly scanning through your website has given me renewed hope and vision. I’ve been in young living more than 15 years and have struggled with organization/planning and follow up. Your tools look perfect for me. I’m not tech savvy, but I usually can print off a page or two!
    The compliance issue has really thrown me for a loop. As an RN, it is very natural for me to speak to specific conditions and benefits. As well as, folks looking to me for possible answers to specific questions. I’m so very thankful for your years of study and willingness to share !

  3. Flo Eskin

    Is there any list of the new do’s & dont’s of what we YL Members can say, post, or write about our marvelous oils & products?

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      There is a list of “approved product claims” in your virtual office. Also, the latest edition of the product guide is your best resource. If YL states it, then your golden, no need to reinvent the wheel or make statements that are potentially harmful to you and to Young Living. Stick with what is already stated.


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