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Love It Share It: Ledum

Ledum essential oil card has been added to the DIY Love It, Share It card page.Ledum2018_LoveItShareItClick/touch here to find the card in alphabetical order on the Love It, Share It singles page.

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Mini Vitality Business Recipe Cards

These are super, cool and an inexpensive way to pass out a LOT of business cards! Place your information on the front of the card and then the back of the card is the recipe. Perfect!

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Canine Friends Event Cards: U.S. PSK Focused

ThievesV_EventCards_PSK_CanineFinally, right?! Can you even stand it? These adorable, yet professional, event cards focus on your furry canine friends! We know we are going to get a ton of questions so let us answer them now — yes, we will have other animal focused cards but we do not know when, yes, we will make this a complete package with signs, labels, banner, and more but for now you can use some from one of our other ultimate event graphics sets. We just wanted to get the cards out there for now! We hope you enjoy the card set.

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Gift Cards: YL Style


GiftCard_WoodLook_TOPTWe are thrilled to present you with these Young Living themed gift cards. You can print them from home or have them printed. They should work with any printing outlet of your choice (Vista Print, Moo, etc.). They are business card size to save you money and make it easy for the person receiving the gift card to carry in his/her wallet. We’ve even included link for white envelopes that are made just for this card size! Enjoy. Continue reading