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Stickers: YL Business Cards


Here is a super cute idea . . . business card stickers!! Make your catalogs, brochures, flyers POP with these Young Living Seed to Seal themed business card stickers. We’ve designed them several different ways to fit your needs, whether you have a social media outlet or not, there is a design for you! Continue reading

Business Card: Thieves Line


We’ve designed a business card that has a focus on ridding harsh-chemicals from homes! This card design is set to work with Vista Print Standard and Moo Standard requirements. You can order from whichever company suits your needs and/or budget. If curious about the difference, it is our opinion that the color quality is a tad bit better with Moo than Vista Print. We also feel the quality of the card is a bit thicker and of higher quality with Moo than with Vista Print but either will get the job done. The differences are not huge so it will be a matter of personal choice. Either way, they should help to have a positive impact for your Young Living business. The designs are free for ALL Young Living members with just a few guidelines for usage, as stated below. Enjoy!

Continue reading

Spring Aroma Cards


Share your favorite Spring oils in style. Here are ten Spring themed aroma cards you can print at home or have printed.

Hand them out during meetings, events, classes, or anywhere you want to share the oils. After scenting the card place them in a snack baggie or some other type of container to “hold the scent in.”

If you have them printed, please ensure the printer is using a “true” matte card stock paper. Some printers state matte but the cards will still have a thin gloss coating that will not allow the oils to soak into the card, which defeats the purpose. Continue reading

Mini Scented Sample Cards


We think you are going to FLIP over these mini scented sample cards!! They are pretty inexpensive to create, super easy to make, and best of all, we give you the design for FREE!! Continue reading