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Interactive, Reusable Skin Tone Cosmetic Sheets

5FaceChartPREVIEWWe’ve put together TEN different skin tones and ONE blank cosmetic face sheet! Perfect for trying various Savvy Mineral shades before putting on your own face (helps reduce the times your guests have to wash off makeup to retry a different shade). Simply print then laminate the sheets and presto, interactive, reusable skin tone cosmetic face sheets! How cool is that?! Continue reading

Banner: Savvy Minerals, v3


We have been FLOODED with requests to provide a Savvy Minerals banner that does not feature any models AND is similar to the one designed by Melinda and Steven Bruce. We hope we have met your requests. Please be sure to give Melinda and Steven a HUGE thank you for this banner design idea. We recreated it and only slightly modified the design. So, the credit for the layout totally goes to them. Thank you!

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Savvy Minerals Chart Card


33 Class Cards | Card Charts | Flyer v1 | Flyer v2 | Banner v1 | Banner v2 | Supplies

This card came by special request and we were more than thrilled to have developed it! We feel it will be beneficial to all YL members who plan to host and/or direct a Savvy Minerals event! Thanks, Irene Marz for the request!

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Flyer: Savvy Minerals, Woman of Color


33 Class Cards | Card Charts | Flyer v1 | Flyer v2 | Banner v1 | Banner v2 | Supplies

We would never forget our women of color fans! Here is our Savvy Minerals Flyer design with a Woman of Color model variation. We hope you find this flyer useful. You can print out a label with the time, day, date of your cosmetics class and stick it to the back of the flyer to use as an invitation. This flyer is designed to the specifications required for an 8.5 x 11″ flyer printed via Vista Print but they will print just fine if you wish to print at home or have printed elsewhere.


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Love It, Share It: ART Toner

A Love It, Share It card for ART Toner has now been added to the “Infused Products” page.
Click/Touch here to go to the Love It, Share It Infused Products page.