Label: YL Laundry Soap


The above label is 1 1/4 inches by 1 3/4 inches. It is designed for 1 ounce bottles and works great for Young Living’s Laundry Soap samples.

Guidelines for Usage

(1) Please do not alter the cards (this does not include guests writing on them, of course).

(2) Please respect the time we take to design these for you and provide a link back to this post when sharing with others.

(3) Please do not use these for social media graphics, we would love if they could be something special guests receive when attending a live event.



Click/Touch HERE to download a full page of the above label design

*Note: be sure your printer is set to scale at 100% (not fit to page), if the scale is not set correctly they will not print properly aligned


LABELS: Avery 22828 water resistant durable labels, 32 labels per sheet, 256 labels total:

BOTTLES: 1 ounce oval bottles:

LIDS: 1 ounce oval bottle tops, 15/415 size is necessary for the 1 ounce oval bottles:

LIDS (alternate outlet): 15/415 dispensing (try this until Bulk Apothecary gets them back in stock)

LIDS (alternate 2 outlet): 15 mm type 415 (15/415) dropper lids:


1 thought on “Label: YL Laundry Soap

  1. Peggy Brow

    I had not thought of giving samples of our Laundry Soap, this is a great idea and way to present them. Thank you!


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