Brochure: Seedlings


We are thrilled to present to you a Seedling’s themed brochure! This has been a huge request and at the top of our design list for awhile now. Finally completed and ready for printing.

Two Quick Notes:

Yes, we know the Seedlings body wash is not on the brochure. This was done on purpose because it is no longer available (or listed) to order via Young Living. If it becomes available again, in the future, we will adjust the brochure accordingly.

Yes, we know the brochure is ink heavy. This brochure is designed to match our Ultimate Seedlings Baby Shower event package. The size meets VistaPrint’s brochure requirements and you can have it printed through them fairly reasonably with a coupon! They are constantly having an “up to” 50% off sale so do a quick search, ask a friend, or even reach out to your upline. You will typically find that someone will know what the current VistaPrint sale is and will have a coupon code for you.

Just a few guidelines for usage:

  • Please do not alter our designs (with the exception of those designs, i.e. banners, flyers, brochures, and business cards, that have an area for you to add your contact information – like this one does!)
  • Please do not use as a social media graphic. This is for printing only.
  • Please provide a link back to this page when sharing the banner with others.
  • No one is authorized to sell this banner in any form.
  • Our designs our made to meet U.S. compliance. We do not design for other countries as we are not well versed with the compliance requirements for other countries. If you select a design to use in another country, it is your responsibility to ensure it meets that countries compliance regulations.
  • Our designs are free for any Young Living member to use, specifically U.S. members, see bullet point above.

We give permission for the designs presented here to be printed through any outlet for your personal use. No Young Living member is allowed to PROFIT from any of Young Living’s brands, trademarks, graphics, images, etc. This is a Young Living policy. Please respect this policy.

This is a two-sided, high-quality tri-fold brochure.

The link to download the file is found beneath the brochure’s respective PREVIEW (reduced in size and color quality, not for printing, download the PDF file for printing) picture below.

With all the necessary formalities out of the way — Enjoy!


Click/Touch here to download the OUTSIDE of the this brochure.


Click/Touch here to download the INSIDE of this brochure.

Brochure Paper


Click/Touch here to order quality tri-fold brochure paper.

Brochure & Business Card Holder

517H1BNmmhL._SL1000_Click/Touch here to order a brochure/business card holder for your next event.

9 thoughts on “Brochure: Seedlings

  1. Lindsey McClellan

    The Seedlings brochure is BEAUTIFUL! My Type-A personality would love to see it adjusted so when it’s folded, the front cover doesn’t open the opposite way :). Thank you for making these available to us!

    1. Field and Herbs Post author

      HI Lindsey,

      We are rolling over here. That was obviously a 2 am job. The brochure has been updated, reversed the cover and updated the Thieves PSK picture. Thanks for catching this.

  2. Kay Kingsley

    Thanks for doing all theses. was wondering how do we add our info? I am not able to add my info on the computer

    1. Field and Herbs Post author

      Hi Kay,

      A little confused about your question… do you mean you cannot figure out how to add your information using a computer or you do not have a computer?

      If you do not have a computer then you will have to do it old school, print out the brochure and then write your information into the section.

      If you have a computer and cannot figure out how to add your information then you will need to use a web search engine, type in the type of computer you have (Windows based or Mac based, etc.) and the words, “how do I add text to a PDF on a XXXX” (where XXXX is your type of computer) and you will find instructions that way. Lots of videos on YouTube that will walk you through the process.

      Hope that helps. Thanks for writing.

  3. Kristen

    When I download this file it is only available in pdf form. For some reason both vistaprint and office max will not let me upload a pdf to be printed. That baffles me since I printed a starter kit brochure from you at both places with no problem before. Is there a way to download it as a jpeg? Thanks!

    1. Field and Herbs Post author

      Hi Kristen,

      PDF is the only form we will provide the majority of our materials in… VistaPrint definitely accepts PDF and just got off the phone with Office Max and they confirmed they do accept PDF. Please try again.

      Thanks for writing.

      1. Kristen

        Thank you for going above and beyond to provide an answer. I will definitely try again. I love all of your designs and am so thankful to be able to use them!

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