Seedlings Baby Shower Event Package


We hope you love this Seedlings themed Baby Shower Event Package as much as we loved designing it for YOU!! This package has it all — invitations, games, banner, registry card, check lists, and so much more! Best of all, we have product cards for nearly everything pregnancy and baby related! We are here to make YOUR next event look GREAT!!

Usage Guidelines

No one has our permission to post the materials on their website and/or social media outlet or sell this package in any form or fashion. If you would like to share with others, please respect our time and provide a link back to this post.

Other than typing/writing information where indicated, please do not alter any of the designs.

No one has our permission to profit from this design package in any form or fashion — with the exception of established third party printers that are not tied to Young Living in any capacity.

This package design is free for ALL Young Living members to download and use as indicated.

YL Seedlings Product Event Cards

The following cards are designed so that you can have them printed as photos. This greatly reduces the cost of printing. Click on the card and then either “right click and save” or “touch and hold to save” (depending on your device). You can then upload the image file to your photo printing outlet of choice. **Yes, we will offer a card for the Seedlings Fabric Spray once it becomes available.**

And do not forget to order a set of these white Ikea 4×6 photo stands! Available to order directly from Amazon by clicking here.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to download individually (if any of the below are now downloading clearly/crisp)

Additional YL Product Event Cards

We’ve also included quite a few product cards that are perfect for Mommy and/or Baby! Display all of the products or pick just a few — you’re the boss of your business so do whatever works best for you and your guests!

The following cards are designed so that you can have them printed as photos. This greatly reduces the cost of printing. Click on the card and then either “right click and save” or “touch and hold to save” (depending on your device). You can then upload the image file to your photo printing outlet of choice.

And do not forget to order a set of these white Ikea 4×6 photo stands! Available to order directly from Amazon by clicking here.


Here are several variations for event invitations. Remember you can add text to your invitation via VistaPrint! Great feature! and you CAN rotate text to make it match our sample invitation below!


Font and color information for designing your invitation: Arial, point size will depend on how much text and/or how long the names are that you need to add so play with it until it fits the way you would like it. Teal font color hex code: 62b8b5, Purple font color hex code: 60249c. VistaPrint does not have the cursive font that we used but they do have a few that are very similar so just select one that you like the best. Use the above example until you have your invitation set up just how you want it. We are also providing one with the middle section blank so you can “straight” type in the information the way you want it. There is also a blank card you can use for the back of the invitation, if you wish. And, finally we are providing a “registry information” card to use on its own or as the back to the invitation. Lots of options — select one that works best for you!

One question that we anticipate is “who pays for the invitations?” Again, this is the beauty of running your own business. You can make a choice that best fits your situation. You can always show the invitation to the hostess and offer it as a “perk” for her to purchase. If you do this — MAKE SURE YOU PROVIDE A DRAFT to your hostess and have her approve the draft — triple check for spelling errors and make it clear that once she approves the draft, there are no refunds. And, GET A DEPOSIT and/or payment in full BEFORE ORDERING. Okay, with that said, on to the invitation designs to download.

Click on the below card and then either “right click and save” or “touch and hold to save” (depending on your device). You can then upload the image file to VistaPrint or a printing service of your choice.





Printable Lists


Click/touch HERE to download the above printable in PDF format


Click/touch HERE to download the above printable in PDF format

Event Banner

Place this banner outside so guests can quickly find the location for the event! The banner can also grab the attention of your hostess’s neighbors and you never know when one of them may be in need of a baby shower, as well! Plant those seeds, ya’ll!

We were very careful to use the measurements and guidelines provided by Vista Print for this particular banner.


Click/touch >> HERE << to download the PDF for the above banner (this is a LARGE file and it is best to download on a desktop/laptop computer)

Banner Tutorial Video

This short video will show you how to upload this banner to Vista Print. Click/touch here to go to Vista Print and upload this banner.

== Grommet Banner Stand ==

Signworld X Banner Stand works with grommets and is supposed to work with Vista Print’s 30” x 72” vertical banner. This is the one that is used by many YL members and is far superior to the one offered via VistaPrint. This is the stand you will want to use with this size banner!

Click/touch this link to order a banner stand, for this banner, directly from Amazon.

Baby Shower Games

The following are not “oily” related but still tons of fun! We WILL add more games in the coming weeks so be sure to bookmark this page and check back often.

Baby Shower Word Scramble (make sure you print a copy for yourself, unscramble the words, and keep as a “key” to quickly check your guests’ completed game sheets).


Click/touch HERE to download the above game as a PDF file

“What’s In My Belly?” (baby prediction game) — there are several ways you can utilize this “game.” You can offer a small prize to the one who comes the closest (like a lemon vitality oil), you can let your hostess offer a prize (along with yours) to the one who comes the closest, you could let each person (who wants to play along) give a dollar with the card and the one whose guess comes the closest wins all the money, and so on and so forth. Talk with the hostess before the event and decide if and how you want to utilize this game.


You can save the image above and print two, three, or even four to a page OR you can download this card as a PDF and have it printed via VistaPrint — just remember to select their MATTE finish so your guests can write on the cards.

Click/touch HERE to download the above card — single card — to print via VistaPrint

== Avery 8386 Two to a Page ==

Another option is two cards to a page using Avery’s Postcard product number 8386.  You can order a pack of Avery’s 8386 directly from Amazon by clicking/touching here.

Click/touch HERE to print the above card — pre-formatted — to print on Avery’s 8386 postcard paper.


Here are thank you cards your hostess can use. Same as invitations, you can provide them or offer them for your hostess to purchase. You can use the blank card for the back to write personal notes or just order the front and send as is. Personal notes are always the better option.



Seedlings Basket

We highly recommend having 2-4 “Seedlings” basket sets available for purchase at the event. A guest may want to purchase one for her expecting Mommy friend, or one or more of your guests may have someone in their family who is expecting and would like to purchase a basket for her. Most people like to purchase and receive products on the spot! You may also want to have some Seedlings products available to purchase individually. Of course, all of this is optional, but if you decide to go with a Seedlings basket, may we suggest one that will function and serve your Mommy-To-Be for quite some time!


Purple Gingham Gift Basket Caddy (lots of other colors and/or designs to select from):

Awesome Decorations

You can offer to purchase and bring decorations for the baby shower (your choice whether you want the hostess to pay for them or not). Some may want to take advantage of this offer to free up their time.


Party Tableware plates, cups, and napkins (bundle for 16), chevron purple (other colors to select from):


Woodland Cute Baby Animal Decoration Bundle, 10 pieces:


Decoration Set (Pom Pom, Garland, Confetti and more), purple, teal, and white (other colors to select from):

Other Printables

The following are printables designed by Young Living that you may want to utilize. There are Product Information Pages (PIP) for each of the Seedling products. We redesigned Young Living’s “products by trimester” chart into three PDF pages that you can download and place in an 8×10 frame or print and place in a booklet to pass around to guests.







Products by Trimester Pages





Individual Product Cards






7 thoughts on “Seedlings Baby Shower Event Package

  1. Alice

    Beautiful presentation…but just a question on the Seedling Baby Wash…couldn’t find it in the Young Living list of products??

    1. The Oil Posse Post author

      It is just out of stock. When it becomes available YL will put it back up. They remove items from Quick/ER list when they are going to take longer then they would like to come back in stock. The initial message YL sent via email said they anticipate it back in stock sometime in July but no guarantees. You can call YL Customer Support if you have any further questions. Thanks for writing.

    1. The Oil Posse Post author


      Correct, the Seedling’s bundle was only available to convention attendee’s. It may become available for all members at a later date but Young Living has not made a definitive stand on this decision, as of this date.

  2. Christina Hughes

    The individual product cards-When downloading it is doing so as a jpg. not as a PDF, like most of your documents. Continue downloading as a jpg or will you update with pdf?


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