Display Board: Aroma Dome


The above is PREVIEW only. Download the PDF below.

How awesome is the Aroma Dome?! For those who share the Aroma Dome at events/gatherings, you may need something to promote this very special essential oil tool. The above is designed specifically for a display board to use at events/classes/meetings. We developed this by special request and hope others will find it just as useful as the person who made the request.

Not only was this designed for a display board it was designed to meet the specifications for Vista Print’s 16×20 foam board requirements. When you go to Vista Print you will see “Signs & Posters” near the top, hover over or click on this and then select “Foam Board Signs” — from there select “Use your complete design” beneath the middle green circle under “Choose how to design” — then select the 16 x 20 and follow the prompts to upload the PDF file we are providing you with on this page (download it beneath the following preview graphic below).

A few guidelines for usage:

  • No one has permission to profit from any of the designs we offer in any manner.
  • Do not alter this 16×20 design in any way.
  • If you share this online (social media, website, blog, etc.) please respect our time and provide a link back to this post.

NOTE: If you download the graphic shown on this page it has the word PREVIEW very lightly embedded within the image. This is NOT what you need to print and/or order a flyer/foam board sign, etc. You must download the PDF below in order to print/order the clean, high-quality (300 dpi) design. REMEMBER this is a 16×20 design and will be distorted if you attempt to use it for an 8.5 x 11 flyer.


The above is PREVIEW only. Download the PDF below.

Click/touch >> HERE << to download the clean PDF design for printing and/or ordering



This is an AWESOME display easel for your table. It is especially AWESOME because it has a drawer under it to keep supplies within. It will fit your 16×20 display sign. Click/touch >> HERE << to order this easel with drawer directly from Amazon.

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