My Oily Notes: Oils of the Bible

Here is a wonderful resource you can use during your “Oils of the Bible” class. All twelve oils on one page.

Download the PDF file found beneath the preview photo below.

Please do not alter this in any way. No one has permission to sell this document/photo or profit from it in any way.

You may share this resource but please share it as a link back to this page, only. Please do not take the photo and post it without the corresponding link. Please respect the work we provide to you at no charge. Thanks so very much.



Click/Touch here to download the PDF file for this resource.

5 thoughts on “My Oily Notes: Oils of the Bible

  1. Angie McFarling

    thank you this is quite timely for me. I was wondering do you know of a “compliant’ scrip for a oils of the bible class? I’m trying to make one.

      1. Laura

        I know that you are busy and provide so many wonderful things for us to use, but I was just wanting to check on the script. That is, if you have had time to start one? I do want to also say Thank You for all that you have already provided! I find it all so very helpful!

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