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Thieves HouseHold Cleaner: DIY All-Purpose Wipes


This post is super exciting! It brings together the ease of quick clean-ups with the fresh scent of Thieves Household Cleaner.

It is quick and easy to make your own all-purpose wipes. Don’t worry we will walk you through the process.


Supplies Needed:

1 Container — we used an empty wipe (or baby wipe) container
1 Gallon Distilled Water
1 Bottle Thieves Household Cleaner
200 quality coffee filters


Fill container of your choice with approx. 4-6 cups of distilled water. We filled our empty wipe container about half full (see below).


Now add 2-4 tablespoons of Thieves Household Cleaner. We added 1/4 cup (4 Tbsp) and this is what it looked like (see below) but we may add just 2 Tbsp for the next batch. Place lid and give a gently swirl.


Now add coffee filters and mash down until covered with the cleaning mixture. Place on lid, turn upside down and allow to sit upside down for just a minute or two, then turn upright.


That’s it! You’re DIY all-purpose wipes are now ready to use on just about anything that needs to be cleaned.


I’ve seriously not found anything, yet, that I could not clean with the Thieves Household Cleaner. Just be sure you test a small spot if using on anything questionable.

Flyer: New 2015 PSK, Why Join? PSK Options

*Updated: Removed Home Diffuser option, added Rainstone Diffuser Option 23 Oct 2015, Updated Ningxia PSK price 23 Oct 2015


This two-sided flyer is perfect for helping potential members select the Premium Starter Collection that best fits their need. Continue reading

YL Developed PowerPoint: Flex Revision

Young Living’s developed Powerpoint presentation — Introduction to Essential Oils — is full of wonderful information and we are all thankful for the time that was invested putting the presentation together. However, there was one topic that was overlooked, the flex oils. While the flex oils were added to the other oils, they were not grouped together or addressed. Continue reading

Team/Newsletter Compliance Graphic

Here are two “soft-cute” graphics you are welcome to use with your team or in your team newsletter when discussing the compliance topic.

Please do not alter the graphic.

Click/Touch the graphic then right-click or touch-and-hold to save, depending on your device.




Infused 7 Collection: Card Set


Infused 7 Card Set

This card set is perfect for classes, workshops, meetings, etc. Provide potential members with a card set — go through the cards — hold a mini-class while standing in line at the grocery store, hardware store, sporting events, or wherever and opportunity presents itself. Give them out during classes/events/meetings.

Great incentives to purchase the Infused 7 Collection.

Bonus — they are inexpensive to make!

They work best with the:

Avery Name Badge Cards #5392 and

1-inch binder rings.

You can click/touch the names of each item (cards and binder rings) above to purchase directly from Amazon (shipped directly to your door and the price is not bad at all). You’ll also need a one-hole punch. It took less than a minute to punch holes in one set and put them on the binder ring! Easy.

Create about 20-40 sets to start with and then just replace as necessary.

There are THREE pages of cards — the last card is for your contact information — type it in, if you know how — if not stick a label on it or staple your business card to it — either way will work just fine.

Be sure your printer setting does not “scale” the page or is set to “fit to page” — the scale needs to be 100% to print and line up properly.

Please do not alter the cards, remove the disclaimer or the copyright information. These are free to use but no one has permission to sell the card pages, or sell card sets. Please give credit where credit is due and refer members to this page if they would like their own pages to make the card sets.

The PDF file to download is located beneath each card preview picture.



Click/Touch here to download Page 1


Click/Touch here to download Page 2


Click/Touch here to download Page 3


While you’re here we would love to have you visit our RESOURCES page.

Addition to Classification Post

For those that have taken the time to read the “Classifications, you say! What’s up with that?” post, I’ve added a paragraph that should help some of those that are still struggling to grasp this topic.

This is the paragraph that was added:

“After receiving quite a few e-mail messages about lavender, as an herb, and how chefs use this as an ingredient, I felt it important to add a little further clarity to this topic. Therefore, when it comes to federal regulations/company policies and procedures/and any other type of regulations governing “marketing/labeling” — it is important to separate you, as an individual, from you, as someone who is marketing/selling/representing a specific company. Young Living, as its own individual company that is bottling and labeling a product for the public, must decide, due to federal regulations, how each of its products are to be classified and used by the public. Because of the way in which the regulations are structured, a product cannot be classified as both cosmetic and dietary supplement. Therefore, Young Living has to select which one it will market its own specific product under, so that the claims made and directions for use for that specific product match its classification. As Young Living Representatives, we have to market that product only under its classification and directions for use. This is why it is so important to separate yourself from you as an individual to you as someone who markets for a specific company.”

Haven’t read the post? Click/Touch here to read the post being discussed here in this blog post.